Questions for Kevin Kaiser

Questions for Kevin Kaiser, artistic director, Evergreen City Ballet

Photo by Chris Clark

How did you get involved with ECB? It was a bit of a journey. [My four brothers and I] grew up tap dancing, but we said no to ballet, primarily because of the tights. We eventually caved and became involved with professional ballet companies, such as the Philadelphia Ballet. One of my brothers is still there. I also danced with Pacific Northwest Ballet for years and worked as assistant art director for the Oregon Ballet Theatre, then taught in Seattle and discovered ECB in Renton.

Do you watch Dancing with the Stars? Yes, it’s a guilty pleasure. Emmitt Smith was my favorite.

What are your goals for the organization? One is doubling class enrollment, and our new “green” facility (a brand-new building made with recycled materials) is a big step in that direction. But I have to say that we’ve been very happy at our present location (thanks, Alex Cugini!). Another goal is to increase the size of our company — we have eight dancers now and would like to have twelve. 

How does the educational side of ECB work?Our Dance ALIVE! program, which is offered to public schools for free throughout the school year, teaches students the basics of dance: basic arm and leg positions and jumps. We also invite them to an open dress rehearsal so they can see how stage lighting works and watch the dancers do warmups. Our Summer Intensive Program brings in instructors and world-renowned choreographers to work with our academy students.

What do you want audiences to say about ECB?Exactly what they’re saying now: patrons have compared the quality of our performances to that of PNB’s. As I like to say, we’re not your normal strip-mall dance school.

Have you ever considered another career?
Yes; I’m also a mortgage broker.


To follow current programs at Evergreen City Ballet, vist their Web site.