Stories of Spirit

With compassion and drive, Tracy Rector reframes reality.

Toward Feeling

Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore pushes change with radical, uproarious stories about queer culture.

Poetic Justice

Quenton Baker contemplated trading a successful rap career for monkhood. Today, possibly the only thing in between brings him to the Frye Art Museum.

Woven together

Mandy Greer's interactive piece 'A Great Unbridgeable Distance' at Bellwether 2018.

The Flower Shaman appeared at the Arts in Nature Festival

Degenerate Art Ensemble planted the seeds of a new performance.

Japanese folklore becomes immersive theater in ‘The Night Parade’

Pork Filled Productions and REBATEnsemble collaborate on this spooky production taking place at an undisclosed location.

‘Sadie’ joins vanguard of films forging creative releases

As big changes unfold in the film industry, some enterprising indie filmmakers get inventive to get their movies seen.

Three new books capture pieces of Seattle as it was and is

'Mid Seattle,' 'Seattle Now & Then' and 'Seattleness' examine our city through architectural detail, repeat photography and data visualization, respectively.

Uncoded Media’s growth mentality

This month Uncoded Media premieres its first full-length feature, the documentary 'This Is How You Start a Party.'

Scott Shoemaker lives to bring over-the-top absurdity to the stage

The writer and performer on his cabaret character Ms. Pak-man, current role in 'The Terror of Gaylord Manor' and the brand-new holiday show he's got cooking.