Portraits of the Writers-in-Residence

Typing Rules
It took awhile for Angela Jane Fountas to realize that what she needed to do was toss out the rules for writing. “Show, don’t tell — what’s that?” she asks me one day over tea. Good writing, she goes on, comes from a writer’s…

Working at the Car Wash

Photo essay by Thomas Hyde
Before the Space Needle there was the Pink Elephant.
In 1951, when timber and fish ruled the Puget Sound economy, the Elephant Car Wash opened on Fourth Avenue. It was Seattle’s first “automatic” car wash. A second…

Walkabout: Madrona

Text and photos by Virginia Bunker

Just a short drive from bustling Martin Luther King Jr. Way via Union Street, Madrona’s shopping and dining district feels like a “secret” spot, albeit one that’s hiding in plain sight. Resident…

The Art of the Dealer

In their first group show ever, Seattle’s top art dealers place their bets on the best 49 local artists of the 21st century.
Imagine walking into a bakery to buy a pie. The baker says, “You know who’s got great pie? The bakery down the…

Univited Advice

In case the men — or woman — elected U.S. President and Governor of Washington next month need some help, here it is.
To the Governor-elect of Washington: Act like a leader and make decisions. Washington government is so co-dependent. It wants to…

On the Road: A Literary Survey

The second season of the Hugo House Literary Series kicks off with authors Aimee Bender, Marie Howe and Matt Ruff and musician Laurie Katherine Carlsson, offering new writing and music on the theme of “Road Trip.” We e-mailed for a preview of…

Letters from our readers

Present at the Creation
Jen Graves’ recollection of her teaching experience (“See Saw,” September) gives me an opportunity to compare notes. The contemporary art survey class at Cornish was established in 1986 and its founding instructor was a…

The Curator’s Eye: Lead Pencil Studio

Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo, Lead Pencil Studio
Roman Overlap, 2008, video still from work undertaken during the Rome Prize
First, I am not a curator. I am a snake oil salesman, but the tinctures I peddle really do everything I say they do. Really….

So Long, Seattle

Seattle’s best actor, Laurence Ballard, in Savannah, Georgia, September 4, 2008. Photography by Geoff L. Johnson for City Arts.
Laurence Ballard has had enough of being a struggling actor. Here’s why you won’t be seeing one of our most accomplished…

Freelance Living

Illustration by Demian Johnston for City Arts
Coming up with good ideas for magazine columns isn’t easy. Still, I’d rather do it myself.
When I tell people that I’m a freelance writer, the usual response is one of dumb amazement. “That’s it? You…

How to Write Right: Lay vs. Lie

Advice from our Copyeditor
Had a long day? Feel like laying down? Wait a moment. “Lay” needs a direct object (a person or thing that is the object of the verb’s action). So you don’t lay down, you lay something down: you might lay your…