Karl Hackett is a Walking Index of Design

Jacob Willard Home owner Karl Hackett sits on the board of the Hillman City Business Association. “People are coming [to the store] from other parts of the city, but there’s huge amounts of support from the neighbors,” he says. “People are really engaged.”

His furniture store overflows with beautiful items— and their stories.

In the Moment

Andrew Joslyn, Will Jordan and Whitney Lyman performing during our latest edition of Band Crush. Photo by Robert Wade

Violinist-composer Andrew Joslyn and singer-songwriter Will Jordan made musical magic at City Arts’ Band Crush.

Anchored by History

Steven Miller photographs cover artist Adé Cônnére on the stage at Re-bar. Photo by Dan Paulus

Ever since I first started working with Rachel Gallaher on her story in this issue about the new art school taking shape at Western Neon, I’ve been seeing neon everywhere—on the street, on TV, in high-end advertising. Neon is definitely trending, but its surging popularity feels deeper than that. Decades into the digital revolution, long… Continue reading Anchored by History

Network Win


ABC’s new show ’The Mayor‘ is another smart, topical sitcom that proudly centers people of color.