Culture Crash

Photo by Bruce Clayton Tom

Anida Yoeu Ali’s durational performance ‘The Buddhist Bug’ draws on deep symbolism.

Central Intelligence

Inye Wokoma photographed saxophonist, jazz teacher and Garfield High School graduate Gary Hammon for Shelf Life Community Story Project, a collection of oral histories from longtime residents of the Central Area. Listen to Hammon’s story at

As gentrification threatens culture, can art help save the soul of the C.D.?

Dangerous Delight

Arson Nicki MCs her monthly alt-drag variety show Rapture: A Queer Avant Garde Extravaganza at Timbre Room. Photo by Bruce Clayton Tom

Great cabaret is hard to define and impossible to forget. Seattle artists tap the form’s expansive intimacy and seductive, subversive power.

The Best Music of Dave B’s Budding Career

Dave B Pearl (PLZCOMEAGAIN/Dave B Music) Everything Dave Bowman has done up to now has been in preparation for this moment. Pearl the new EP from the Renton-born rapper-singer-songwriter, contains the best music of his budding career. Bowman is young, yes, but as a restless contributor to SoundCloud’s infinite playlist, he’s also prolific: Since 2012… Continue reading The Best Music of Dave B’s Budding Career

A Star is Reborn

Ariana Savalas as Madame ZinZanni. Photo by Michael Doucett

Displaced dinner-theatre-cirque spectacular Teatro ZinZanni finds a new home.

Half and Half

It’s fine to be mixed up in America, re- made by way of minor bothers at the bus stop when the mad one says, you look pretty Muslim to me what are you, so I am ready to be ready again. An engine grumbles far below thin sneakered feet. The airbreak lurch and lop off… Continue reading Half and Half