Best New Music 2018

Featuring Tyler Dopps, Haunted Horses, Guayaba, Pink Parts, Parisalexa, Terror/Cactus, The Sons of Rainier, Tres Leches, Bread & Butter and Head Band

Tyler Dopps Picks Up the Beat

How a young studio assistant became a platinum-record producer.

Haunted Horses: Punishing, Cathartic Noise

Haunted Horses isn’t afraid to leave live sets as brief, explosive statements.

Guayaba: Experimental, Shape-shifting Hip-hop

Watching her perform is watching a woman disappear into an idea, an image, a sound.

Burien UFO Festival Sets the Phasers to Fun

The festival celebrated its fifth year with performance, films and art.

Kristina Dillard’s Literary Movement

The choreographer mounted a trio of works-in-progress at The Grocery on Beacon Hill in late March.

Locurio Launches ‘The Storykeeper’ Escape Room

The new space is heavy on the art of escape.

The New Nordic Museum Makes Its Big Debut

The 57,000-square-foot, $50-million museum project opens May 5.

Filastine & Nova Head Off to New Adventures

The multimedia duo played their final Seattle show at the Clock-Out Lounge last month.

Actor Mickey Rowe Puts His Many Skills to Work in ‘The Fool’

“I was stilt-walking and unicycling and doing magic from the time I was in third grade,” he says.

An Experimental Sanctuary at Studio Current

“I know this as a haven space,” says artistic director Katherine Cohen.

Pink Parts: Heavy Rock, Pissed-off and Proud

"Anger is a great motivator,” says lead singer Nicki Danger.

Parisalexa: Buoyant, Brilliant Soul

The singer-songwriter recently released a debut EP that sounds like spring.

Terror/Cactus: Cinematic Electro-cumbia

“Cumbia is appealing to me because it’s a unifying thing between countries,” says Martín Selasco, the main mind behind Terror/Cactus.

The Sons of Rainier: Vagabond Cowboy Folk

After the beard-sculpting, trend-riding folk-pop storm blew over, these are the true believers who remain.

Tres Leches: Bilingual Left-field Post-punk

Listening to Tres Leches is like watching an agile athlete evade defenders.

’80s Redux’: Where They Are Now

Mike Hipple's new book features interviews and photos of 40+ musicians.

Bread & Butter + Head Band: Timeless, Good-times Rock ’n’ Roll

In a time when pop and hip-hop dominate mainstream culture, playing rock music seems once again an act of rebellion.

‘Like a Mother’: Angela Garbes on Her New Book

'Like a Mother: A Feminist Journey Through the Science and Culture of Pregnancy' comes out May 29.