Best New Music 2018

Featuring Tyler Dopps, Haunted Horses, Guayaba, Pink Parts, Parisalexa, Terror/Cactus, The Sons of Rainier, Tres Leches, Bread & Butter and Head Band

Tyler Dopps Picks Up the Beat

How a young studio assistant became a platinum-record producer.

Haunted Horses: Punishing, Cathartic Noise

Haunted Horses isn’t afraid to leave live sets as brief, explosive statements.

Guayaba: Experimental, Shape-shifting Hip-hop

Watching her perform is watching a woman disappear into an idea, an image, a sound.

Burien UFO Festival Sets the Phasers to Fun

The festival celebrated its fifth year with performance, films and art.

Kristina Dillard’s Literary Movement

The choreographer mounted a trio of works-in-progress at The Grocery on Beacon Hill in late March.

The New Nordic Museum Makes Its Big Debut

The 57,000-square-foot, $50-million museum project opens May 5.

Locurio Launches ‘The Storykeeper’ Escape Room

The new space is heavy on the art of escape.

Terror/Cactus: Cinematic Electro-cumbia

“Cumbia is appealing to me because it’s a unifying thing between countries,” says Martín Selasco, the main mind behind Terror/Cactus.

The Sons of Rainier: Vagabond Cowboy Folk

After the beard-sculpting, trend-riding folk-pop storm blew over, these are the true believers who remain.

Filastine & Nova Head Off to New Adventures

The multimedia duo played their final Seattle show at the Clock-Out Lounge last month.

Parisalexa: Buoyant, Brilliant Soul

The singer-songwriter recently released a debut EP that sounds like spring.

Tres Leches: Bilingual Left-field Post-punk

Listening to Tres Leches is like watching an agile athlete evade defenders.

Pink Parts: Heavy Rock, Pissed-off and Proud

"Anger is a great motivator,” says lead singer Nicki Danger.

An Experimental Sanctuary at Studio Current

“I know this as a haven space,” says artistic director Katherine Cohen.

Actor Mickey Rowe Puts His Many Skills to Work in ‘The Fool’

“I was stilt-walking and unicycling and doing magic from the time I was in third grade,” he says.

‘Like a Mother’: Angela Garbes on Her New Book

'Like a Mother: A Feminist Journey Through the Science and Culture of Pregnancy' comes out May 29.

’80s Redux’: Where They Are Now

Mike Hipple's new book features interviews and photos of 40+ musicians.

Bread & Butter + Head Band: Timeless, Good-times Rock ’n’ Roll

In a time when pop and hip-hop dominate mainstream culture, playing rock music seems once again an act of rebellion.