The 2018 Future List

Meet the artists and trailblazers who will illuminate the year to come.

The Relationship Expert

I can tell within 10 seconds whether a couple will stay together.

Real Rent Right Now

Reframing the relationship between non-Natives and Native Americans—whose lands non-Natives occupy—as one akin to tenant and landlord is nothing short of a paradigm shift.

Dylan Avila Steps to the Plate

A Seattle comedian’s one-man show about a brutal assault

Marya Sea Kaminski Accepts Artistic Directorship in Pittsburgh

After some 17 years in Seattle, theatre marvel Kaminski moves east this summer to take over as the new artistic director of Pittsburgh Public Theatre.
Band Crush

Tight Bros: Cataldo and Ruler

The love flowed freely between Matt Batey and Eric Anderson as the two merged their bands, 
Ruler and Cataldo, for a conjoined performance at Band Crush on Dec. 9.

Spatial Experience

StereoBot unveils “360 Beacon” in Occidental Square

Deep Cut

Shabazz Palace’s universe expanded last month to include a 32-page graphic novel.

The Honest Truth: Q&A with Ijeoma Oluo

In a new book out this month, Oluo explains how to talk about race.

Dance Dance Evolution

Daniel Costa's Interposition: Movement II, performed by Daniel Costa Dance company members Molly Levy, Olivia Fauver and Paul Giarratano