Dance Dance Evolution

Photo by Bruce Clayton Tom

Daniel Costa’s Interposition: Movement II, performed by Daniel Costa Dance company members Molly Levy, Olivia Fauver and Paul Giarratano

Altering the Inevitable

Shaun Scott

On the face of it, it may seem as if Seattle is rushing robustly into a new age. But underneath the bustle, the development, the cranes in the sky, there’s a sense of inevitability that corrodes our civic agency.

Meatless in Seattle

The Carlile Room is one of several Tom Douglas restaurants serving the Impossible Burger. Photo by Kelly O.

Inexpensive and nutritious, the meat-free burger will feed the future. But how does it taste?

Fort Casey Big Data

Patty Haller Fort Casey Big Data

Patty Haller’s paintings explore a visual intersection of the statistics and data involved in the appreciation of the geographic and geologic shift in recent years, particular to the Pacific Northwest.

Deep Cut

Shabazz Palace’s universe expanded last month to include a 32-page graphic novel.