Modern Sorcery

The Hoodwitch draws on many traditions to conjure empowerment and healing.

Swimming in Sound

Ambisonic technology offers an entirely new way to hear, and it’s coming soon from engineer-artists near you.

Stres Becomes Her

Sasha Bolof’s musical journey to trans womanhood

ReUP Arts Plans to Repurpose with Purpose

Andrew Ginn's nascent venture rethinks waste in the event industry.

The Love & Anxiety Collective Sees Seattle with New Eyes

A globe-spanning multimedia collective sets up shop.

The Babes with the Power

Central Cinema held a 'Labyrinth' costume contest as a part of the Bowie Birthday Bash on Jan. 8.

A New Arts Space, Called Found, Heads for Capitol Hill

A new interdisciplinary space aims to showcase and connect underrepresented artists.

Together We Rise

Marissa Niederhauser performed her piece 'Womanhood' last month at Teatro de la Psychomachia.

TV Time Machine

Claudine Mboligikpelani Nako stars in the Netflix special 'Everything Sucks!' premiering Feb. 16.

Love Joy: Q&A with the 5th Avenue Theatre‘s Bill Berry

Bill Berry, soon-to-be artistic director of the 5th Avenue Theatre, helms a brand-new production of 'Mamma Mia!'

Let Yourself Go

Beth Fleenor performed with her group Crystal Beth & the Boom Boom Band at the Substation on Jan. 10.