The Curator’s Eye

Say Anything…
selected by Robert Horton, Curator, Magic Lantern: Talks on Film and Art at Frye Art Museum
Film still from Say Anything…, 1989, Gracie Films/Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
If you can measure a film’s status in the…

Sleeping Around

By partnering with businesses in its perimeter, SAM makes the most of its rowdy location
The Seattle Art Museum was built by Richard Fuller, who hated paintings. “Paintings are so expensive,” he complained. SAM was a castle in the clouds — his…

Being There

In her final year with Seattle Symphony, associate conductor Carolyn Kuan is busier than ever, making music here and going places where her future looks very bright.
Carolyn Kuan | photo by Aaron Locke
The purpose of the Large Hadron Collider at…

When Memories Collide

At 57, sculptor and UW professor Akio Takamori finds himself on the edge of fame.
Photo by Alejandro Tomás
It was 1996 and ceramic sculptor Akio Takamori had just received a package that contained pieces of his past. Delicately unwrapping the…

Only Stop Dancing If Jury Duty Calls

Marie Chong’s scrappy, inspired ARC Dance celebrates its 10th anniversary season
Marie Chong with ARC Dance company members | photo by Paul Sanders
Tucked around the back of the old Crown Hill Elementary School, where the Gothic 1919 schoolhouse…