Inside Art and Tech Festival 9e2

What does an art/technology festival actually look like? Innovative fest 9e2 filled the top floor of King Street Station and a few satellite locations with expansive, experimental art and performance from Oct. 21 – 29. Some 50 artists created new pieces in collaboration with researchers and engineers working in a wide variety of fields, from biochemistry to astronomy. The event, organized by John Boylan and modeled on the boundary-shattering 1966 festival “9 Evenings: Theatre & Engineering,” fosters cross-pollination between these two highly creative talent pools. Photographer Bruce Clayton Tom was on hand to capture the results.

To learn more about 9e2, read Amanda Manitach’s preview of the event here, and Ellie Dicola’s take on the event itself here.

Flock the Optic by Flock the Optic (Abram Deslauriers, David King and Leisl Schubel) with Tina Aufiero

PYLON II by Coleman Pester//TECTONIC MARROW SOCIETY, in collaboration with programmer Ari Chivukula, sound designer Monika Khot and video designer Alex Boeschenstein.

The Biology of Culture by Romson Regarde Bustillo and David Rue (pictured)

The Skies Epitomized by Maja Petrić in collaboration with Microsoft machine learning researcher Nebojša Jojić

Dreamscape: Azalea Walk, Central Park by Dan Ambrosi.

The Oregon Project by Keith Salmon and Daniel Thornton, in collaboration with Microsoft researcher Neel Joshi, featured audio that gave sound to the installation’s large-scale drawings.

Perfect Imperfect by Timea Tihanyi

Beyond the Metaphors by Kaoru Okumura combined Butoh with Google DeepDream. 

Beyond the Metaphors

The Observer Effect by Reilly Donovan, Cory Metcalf and David Stout.

An audience watches video artist Gary Hill’s 3-D The Psychedelic Gedankenexperiment.

Vanity Monitor by AJ Epstein

Jazz Brown’s “non-attachment to absence,” part of SYNAPTIC LEXICON, a group show in which nine visual artists explored science and the brain.

Bradly Gunn, “Theatrum Orbis Terrarum”



28 problems by Dayna Hanson, in collaboration with New York-based experimental theater actor Jim Fletcher and featuring Madison Haines and Julia Sloane.

28 problems

28 problems 

Gene Splicing by John Roach, in collaboration with percussionists John Lane and Stuart McLeod, glass artists Morgan Peterson and James Anderegg, scientist Jared Roach and artist/data wrangler Ranjit Bhatnagar

Gene Splicing