Infinite Blossom

Erin Frost’s recent multimedia works comprise a volume of autobiographical imagery. A series of Rorschach-inspired prints were made by drawing trails of deep fuchsia paint along the heart line of Frost’s palm—a process filmed for the centerpiece video in her exhibit traces / you know the way.

“The piece is responding to relationships,” Frost says. “It’s about the imprints we leave behind, as well as how we’re imprinted upon and expand.

The video carries this theme of mirroring, reflecting back to ourselves the way, perhaps, a lover would. It’s about learning to conjure and fill that intimate space. I’m thinking about the body as a map of the past and future, and ultimately as a love story.”

traces / you know the way is on view at cogean? in Bremerton on Saturdays through April 13, with a finissage punch party on closing night.