“Hunt and Gather” by Moon Palace

Moon Palace

I’ve been entranced by Moon Palace since last spring, when I first profiled the folk-pop supergroup in our Best New Music issue. Led by veteran songwriters (and sisters) Carrie and Cat Biell and comprising some of Seattle’s finest musicians, their music radiates a warmth, tranquility and closeness that arrives like a welcome embrace amid turbulent times and changing seasons. Their eponymous debut is an unabashedly beautiful experience, the kind of art that acknowledges the reality of suffering primarily as a tool to transcend it, to achieve some semblance of personal peace.

The band’s been going strong now for about a year, playing shows around the Northwest, racking up accolades with music blogs and KEXP and, finally, producing a music video. I’m proud to premiere “Hunt and Gather” here today, both because I generally love what these women do and because the video is a sumptuous reverie that’s got me longing for spring. Props to Moon Palace cellist Darcy Zoller for leveraging her career in the film industry to enlist Lindsay Martin to direct; the final product looks like a big-budget short film from the wilds of the Olympic Peninsula, all billowing fabrics, emerald-green light and moss-covered revelation.

“The video reflects the process of creating peace with the wounded and unintegrated parts of ourselves,” writes Cat Biell. “By integrating the ego, the wounded child, the wild one in all of us and taking in the fire of ourselves, we are able to come into our wholeness.” Necessary medicine! Check it out below and catch Moon Palace at one of their upcoming shows around the Puget Sound.