See It This Week

‘The Humans’ at Seattle Rep, Polyrhythmics, Mary Anne Carter’s GIFT HOLE, nerdy comic Grant Lyons and more


Tuesday, Nov. 21 – Sunday, Nov. 26 (no show on Thanksgiving)

The Humans

Stephen Karam’s Tony-winning play The Humans is an extraordinarily well-crafted piece of theatre, a melancholy comedy, natural yet otherworldly. It’s set on Thanksgiving in a run-down New York apartment, where a Pennsylvania family has schlepped to have dinner with their daughter. Yes, there are secrets, but it’s much more than a secrets-revealed-over-dinner play. Joe Mantello directs this Broadway national tour, which runs at the Rep though Dec. 17. —Gemma Wilson
Seattle Repertory Theatre

Wednesday, Nov. 22

The Laughing Woman

This 1969 anomaly is the odd duck in the Film Forum’s Terrore Giallo! series. It’s reputedly less a Giallo than an extra-heady bit of sadomasochistic pop-art eye candy, with a reputation as one of the most visually dazzling movies to surface in the ’60s. Color me intrigued. —Tony Kay
Northwest Film Forum

Wednesday, Nov. 22

Llama, Luna Moss, John Massoni

Singer/guitarist/songwriter Rusty Willoughby has been one of the Northwest rock scene’s great overlooked talents for about three decades. His most recent band, Llama, suffuses power pop with hard-won wisdom, biting wit and Willoughby’s ageless schoolboy tenor voice. —Tony Kay
Columbia City Theater

Wednesday, Nov. 22; Friday, Nov. 24 – Sunday, Nov. 26

It Will Be Now

“Blood is shed, doors are opened and Shakespeare is transformed” in It Will Be Now, a night comprised of solo shows Unsex Me Here by Meghan Dolbey and House of Sueños by Meme Garcia. These two talented theatre artists are using Macbeth and Hamlet, respectively, to tell their own stories, which journey through heartbreak, love and loss. —Gemma Wilson
18th and Union

Friday, Nov. 24


As heard on their just-released album Caldera, Polyrhythmics have transcended their Afrobeat roots and rocketed into a a liberated musical space dictated solely by the perpetuation of the groove. The Seattle nonet is always phenomenal live, and armed with this new material they’ll be especially incendiary. Do not miss the rootsy, grinding funk of openers Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio. —Jonathan Zwickel
The Tractor

Friday, Nov. 24


If you have any shopping needs in the coming holidaze, Party Hat Gallery—co-founded and co-curated by Mary Anne Carter and Adj McColl—is the place to go. Opening this week and running through Christmas, GIFT HOLE offers a “mini mall brimming with wonder, delight, and the finest selection of artist-made shit that doesn’t immediately trigger existential dread or perpetuate the systematic malaise of big-box stores and late-stage capitalism!” —Amanda Manitach
Party Hat

Friday, Nov. 24 – Saturday, Nov. 25

Grant Lyons

The world is full of “nerdy” comics these days, whether their obsession is Star Wars or superheroes or some other relentlessly franchised fandom. Grant Lyon is appealing because he is a nerd in the classical sense of the word; he’s smitten with the pursuit of knowledge, and his act is peppered with fun facts and concepts, appealingly delivered. —Brett Hamil
Laughs Comedy Club