Hotels + Adra Boo, an A+ zombie flick, Heatwarmer’s last show, DIY drums, theater sorcery at On the Boards and more

Andrew Schneider's YOUARENOWHERE. Photo by Maria Baranova

Monday, Oct. 15 – Thursday, Oct. 18

The Night Eats the World

All Monsters Attack!, the Grand Illusion’s three-week celebration of all things scary, kicked off last Thursday with the opening of this new French-produced horror flick. Zombie movies are one of the played-out sub-genres in horror, but the buzz from the genre press is pretty ecstatic on this one. If the trailer’s any indication, it looks like it’ll deliver. —Tony Kay
Grand Illusion Cinema

Tuesday, Oct. 16 – Sunday, Oct. 21


Who knew that protracted political negotiations would provide such juicy dramatic material? J. T. Rogers’ Tony-winning play Oslo dramatizes the stranger-than-fiction story of the 1993 Oslo Accords, signed after years of top-secret peace talks coordinated by a rogue pair of Norwegian husband-and-wife diplomats between Israeli and Palestinian political players. Runs through Nov. 11. —Gemma Wilson
ACT Theatre

Wednesday, Oct. 17


Say it ain’t so! Two members of Heatwarmer are skipping town for stinkin’ LA and stinkin’ New York, making this the goofball-genius jazz-pop trio’s last local show for a while. Occasion aside, any Heatwarmer show is a fun time. What else would you expect from guys who sample dog barks and cite Thomas the Tank Engine as an influence? —Gabe Pollak
Café Racer

Thursday, Oct. 18 – Saturday, Oct. 20


Andrew Schneider’s YOUARENOWHERE is the first chapter in an “existential trilogy about modern life and our relationship to technology and other humans.” After seeing his show AFTER (which is chapter two), a New York Times critic described Schneider as “a sorcerer of technical theater, able to control light and darkness, sound and silence, with astonishing precision,” and the hopeful multimedia-theater lover in me can’t wait. —Gemma Wilson
On the Boards

Thursday, Oct. 18

House Of 1000 Arsons

Arson Nicki is arguably one of Seattle’s most unexpected, terrifying, beautiful drag performers, so it’s fitting that they’re hosting an evening of drag that riffs on Arson Nicki. With performances by local stars Americano, Beau Degas, Betty Wetter, Britt Brutality, Cookie Couture and Londyn Bradshaw, the toast-cum-roast is guaranteed to haunt your dreams for the rest of your days. —Amanda Manitach


Wednesday, Oct. 17 – Thursday, Oct. 18

Seattle Interactive Conference

SIC is a celebration of the incredible work happening at the intersection of technology, creativity and commerce. Check out the conference this year and hear from Adobe, Instagram, KEXP, NPR, Giphy, Medium, Slack, Vice, Reddit and 100+ more agencies, brands, creative thinkers and innovative leaders. It’s two days of sharing inspiration and forging new connections.
The Conference Center

Friday, Oct. 19

Hotels, Screens, Matthew Valdespino

Hotels’ lush, sophisticated pop is tailor-made for a Friday in Seattle. Their most recent LP, Night Showers, hits a magnificent sweet spot between Burt Bacharach, Lloyd Cole and Lou Reed, and they’ve upped their already-solid live game with the addition of ex-Fly Moon Royalty vocal powerhouse Adra Boo as a permanent member.  —Tony Kay
Skylark Cafe

Saturday, Oct. 20

Northwest World Festival

The name’s a misnomer: This new, daylong music festival specifically celebrates African music with balafon master Mamadou Diabate and guitarist Alpha Yaya Diallo headlining. Along with Seattle’s Mahonyera Mbira Ensemble, the festival will bring together music from Burkina Faso, Guinea and Zimbabwe—plus a killer spread of traditional Senegalese cuisine. —Jonathan Zwickel
Kings Hall

Sunday, Oct. 21

Drum Interactive with Sway Mechanika

Need a winter project? How about building your own wooden stave drum? Mark Hannah, of local drum shop Sway Mechanika, holds an all-day workshop on wood selection, drum construction, tuning techniques and more. Plus, Vera’s live music staff will demonstrate a variety of drum recording techniques. —Dan Paulus
Vera Project