See It This Week

Holiday drag, Santanic surf rock, Sugar Plum Gary, Shabazz Palaces and a Björk Revelation

Sugar Plum Gary

Monday, Dec. 18

Pettirosso’s Xmas Extravaganza!

Connie Merlot, aka the Champale Chanteuse, brings the band back together once again to bestow her own brand of holiday cheer, as satisfying and surprising as Aunt Doris’ cheese log. Jingling those bells along with Merlot’s Precious Moments is the Northwest’s premier surf-rock Christmas band, Dancer & Prancer. Plus free cookie decorating with the kids before 9 p.m. —Dan Paulus
Cafe Pettirosso

Wednesday, Dec. 20

Industrial Revelation Plays Björk:
A Tribute to Homogenic

Seattle’s most innovative live band playing the music of Iceland’s most innovative composer—a Bjork Revelation! The concept makes perfect sense: IR approaches jazz the same way Björk approaches pop, as mere suggestions that exist to be transcended through imagination and virtuosity, all of which we expect tonight. —Jonathan Zwickel
Neptune Theatre

Wednesday, Dec. 20

Deep Red

The Film Forum’s Terrore Giallo! series closes out with a screening of Italian auteur Dario Argento’s exemplary 1975 chiller. The movie’s suspense setpieces are some of the most visually captivating you’ll ever see, and they’re a potent reminder of why this subgenre exerts a hold on the imaginations of so many. —Tony Kay
Northwest Film Forum

Wednesday, Dec. 20

Fuck! It’s Christmas! Again!

No matter how you feel about this time of year, Princess Charming wants to help you through it. “Let us don our GAY apparel and be together in loving, jolly terror.” The charismatic drag-cabaret artist leads this night of stories and songs, joined by collaborator Andy Burian and fellow talents Jordan O’Jordan and Butylene O’Kipple. My spirits rise just thinking about this. —Gemma Wilson

Thursday, Dec. 21 – Saturday, Dec. 23

Betty & Cookie’s Not-So-Silent Night

Whether you love or love to hate the holidaze, this boozy drag burlesque brought to you by Betty Wetter & Cookie Couture promises to warm your cockles and getcha in the mood. For Xmas orphans like yours truly, the emphasis on celebrating “friendship & chosen family” is a palliative. Depending on the night, expect appearances by Butylene O’Kipple, Old Witch, Americano and musician Steven Palin (It Gets Wetter). —Amanda Manitach

Friday, Dec. 22

KEXP Yule Benefit: Shabazz Palaces, the True Loves, Falon Sierra

For the last month I’ve been deep down the magical rabbit hole that is Shabazz Palaces’ two-part space-jazz hip-hop odyssey, Quazarz vs. the Jealous Robots and Quazarz: Born on a Gangster Star. It should sound positively majestic live. The True Loves’ unstoppable groove and Falon Sierra’s shiver-inducing future-funk make for one stacked holiday bill. —Tony Kay

Friday, Dec. 22 – Sunday, Dec. 24

Sugar Plum Gary

Sugar Plum Gary’s vision of a Christmas-centered cosmology is Rankin/Bass filtered through H.P. Lovecraft, a cartoonishly phantasmagorical nightmare made strangely endearing by his single-minded devotion. Gary’s creator, Emmett Montgomery, mutates the familiar tropes of yuletide into something alien, unique and hilarious. This one-man show will change the way you look at Christmas—and perhaps reality itself. —Brett Hamil
18th and Union