Gold, Gold, Gold

Zakaria Ibrahimi
Photo by Lauren Max

Zakaria Ibrahimi conjures sartorial magic out of many cultural influences.

WHO Zakaria Ibrahimi, the 30-year-old stylist, artist, performer and Seattle native who helps organize Night Crush, a monthly dance event that centers QTPOC (queer and trans people of color) every first Saturday at Re-bar. Among other projects, Ibrahimi is also currently collaborating with Danial Hellman of Danial Webster Design to create the perfect custom corset. “I’m here to turn looks up ‘n’ out,” Ibrahimi says, “and assist in curating a magical reprieve from a world that wasn’t created for all of us to navigate equally.”

THE LOOK “South Asian Athleisure Tomboy. When it comes to shopping I almost exclusively thrift. I love a high waist, something that really snatches while leaving room for my booty and thighs. I shop ’40s, ’60s and ’80s denim and workwear to get that fit. Cotton tees and tucked-in blouses or jerseys. A loose tank. A tight crop. Nightlife: I love a corset-and-thong combo. Swarovski, pearls, gold sparkles and plenty of influence from my culture. Being South Asian defines much of my aesthetic, I punctuate outfits with more than one accessory from back home. GOLD, GOLD, GOLD.”

ICONS “The design team behind Y/PROJECT is brilliant; the references for shapes and silhouettes combine with interesting narrative. They dressed Rihanna for a night at Coachella this year. As much as I love recycled fashion, I stay inspired by pop culture. Erykah Badu and Tracee Ellis Ross. Both of them can wear anything and bring casual to heightened levels.”

UP NEXT Follow Ibrahimi on Instagram at @zakaria_is_my_name. Night Crush occurs on June 2 and 23 at Re-bar. On Friday, June 22, Ibrahimi performs at Nuemos as a dancer for queer hip-hop and club music party Swagger Like Us, touring from San Francisco.