See It This Week

‘Giselle Deconstruct’ at Cornish Playhouse, John Keatley at Treason Gallery, ‘The Future is 0’ at NWFF

'Giselle Deconstruct.' Photo by Tim Summers

Wednesday, Jan. 4
Sarah Galvin and David Schmader
are two of the sharpest, funniest, tender-est writers in town (and sometimes for this magazine), and tonight they’re sharing a stage for Contagious Exchanges: Queer Writers in Conversation. The reading series, hosted and curated by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, is an enviable blend of inspiring and entertaining—and it’s free! –Gemma Wilson
Hugo House

Thursday, Jan. 5
As a timely add-on to the (very good) By Sidney Lumet doc I’ve already plugged in these virtual and literal pages, the Grand Illusion serves up one more screening of Dog Day Afternoon, a masterful, fact-based 1975 drama starring Al Pacino and the late, indisputably great John Cazale as two bank robbers whose heist goes way south, way quick. –Tony Kay
Grand Illusion Cinema

Thursday, Jan. 5
Full disclosure: I know that John Keatley is an excellent photographer because of the cover shots he’s done for this magazine. For his latest solo show, UNIFORM, Keatley shot a series of portraits of people dressed in military garb and painted green—a play on the familiar green Army men of America’s childhood and a playful riff on individualism, assimilation and militarism. –Jonathan Zwickel
Treason Gallery

Thursday, Jan. 5
Thank you, Matthew Dear, for being one of the most beguiling and alluring personalities in electronic music. The dark-and-handsome multi-talent co-founded Ann Arbor’s seminal Ghostly International label, records sinister techno under the alias Audion and propulsive dance-rock—singing with an eerie baritone—under his own name. Tonight’s performance is as the latter. It could go any which way but will certainly make you move. –Jonathan Zwickel

Friday, Jan. 6
The Blue Moon Tavern just might be my favorite dive bar in Seattle. The pretense-free vibe and cheap drinks make it the perfect setting for a loud and sloppy Friday bill headlined by the hellacious Hellbat, an indescribably fun art-punk power trio that sounds like a summit meeting between X-ray-Spex and Motorhead. –Tony Kay
Blue Moon Tavern

Friday, Jan. 6
After Elysian Brewing sold to Budweiser a couple years ago, lead brewer Steve Luke, creator of Elysian’s famed Space Dust IPA and Peach Pumpkin Ale, took a brief hiatus and then opened one of Seattle’s most heralded new breweries. Tonight Cloudburst Brewing celebrates its one-year anniversary in a rustic space beside Pike Place with live music, oysters, hot pretzels and, of course, a bunch of special beers. –Jonathan Zwickel
Cloudburst Brewing

Friday, Jan. 6 – Saturday, Jan. 7
I saw a slice of The Three Yells’ Giselle Deconstruct at On the Boards’ NW New Works festival last year, and have been excited to see more of the beautifully creepy, moody piece ever since. It’s a contemporary dance redux of Giselle, seasoned with Butoh, that drills down from the ballet’s messed-up storyline about a woman who dies of a broken heart into more potent ideas of madness and suicide. –Gemma Wilson
Cornish Playhouse

Saturday, Jan. 7
I’m not exactly sure what goes on in a “nihilist game show,” but I damn sure wanna find out. The Future Is 0 (a name just begging to be shouted out in unison by an overeager crowd), which pits artists and thinkers against each other in ridiculous intellectual and physical challenges, was created by film director Claire Buss and packed Northwest Film Forum in its debut there last year, after moving from Buss’ living room. Tonight it’s back and probably weirder than ever. –Jonathan Zwickel
Northwest Film Forum