Seth Friedman The Legend of Jerry Roundtree

Breaking news: The University of Washington campus is a beautiful place. But through October 25 the lovely space is made lovelier still, dotted as it is with 12 temporary, site-specific works of public art, courtesy of MadArt. Nestled next to glorious old buildings and under leafy collegiate shade, the works that make up the Mad Campus exhibit are inspired by their locations and have been designed to be interactive by the 13 Pacific Northwest artists—including eight UW alumni and one current undergraduate. Photographer Miguel Edwards ventured out to “Seattle’s most expansive art gallery,” as its being hailed, and captured this newly-created public art in its natural habitat. Check out his photos below, and for maps and information on events (like this Sunday’s Mad Campus Art Walk), click here. – Gemma Wilson

Seth Friedman, “The Legend of Jerry Roundtree”
 Seth Friedman The Legend of Jerry Roundtree

 Seth Friedman The Legend of Jerry Roundtree 2

 W. Scott Trimble, “Wave Sine”

 W. Scott Trimble Wave Sine 2

Saya Moriyasu and Maki Tamura, “Hortus Curiosus”
 Saya Moriyasu Hortus Curiosus

 Saya Moriyasu Hortus Curiosus 2

 Saya Moriyasu Hortus Curiosus 3

 Tory Franklin, “Six Swans”
 Tory Franklin Six Swans  Tory Franklin Six Swans 2

Brian Widmaier, “Burnt into Time”
 Brian Widmaier Burnt into Time

Perri Howard, “By Degrees”
 Perri Howard By Degrees

Alyson Piskorowski, “Untitled”
 Alyson Piskorowski Untitled

Paul Komada, “Global Bloblem”
Paul Komada Global Bloblem

 Piper O’Neill, “Lone Stranger (Inflated)”
 Piper O’Neill Lone Stranger (Inflated)

 Julia Chamberlain, “Lux Sit”
 Julia Chamberlain Lux Sit

 Evan Blackwell, “Relics of Experience”

Kevin McCarthy, “Sentinel”
 Kevin McCarthy Sentinel