Sketchbook Porn

Genevieve St. Charles’s Unrelenting, Eye-Popping Nastiness

Photos by Sara Ranlett

Genevieve St. Charles is an art factory, churning out flattened facsimiles of iconic fast food stuff: brightly painted gooey hamburgers, drippy hotdogs, Pop-Tarts oozing with erotic appeal. Often her objects relish in the cult status of iconic, trendy consumables like LaCroix and other commonplace booze and beers. All that fetish glossiness plays around with paying tribute to (maybe taking jabs at) the seduction of American junk food culture, with St. Charles’ unique and unrelenting eye-popping nastiness.

Genevieve St. Charles

“My sketchbooks are a hot mess of ink drawings, typography and tons of variations on a single theme (right now I’m fixated on bananas),” St. Charles says of her sketchbook practice. “I tell myself there are no bad choices and no wrong answers when it comes to doing stuff in my sketchbook, so I let myself go crazy throwing ideas around. Usually, my goal is to hone in on an idea for a painting or logo, so I’ll sketch it out a billion times. When you draw the same thing over and over, I feel like its most natural or most ‘desired’ design pops out at you.” 

“My sketchbooks can also be pretty lewd,” she continues. “This goes back to my ‘no wrong answers’ mentality. I let myself be grosser in my sketchbook than I am in real life. Because my innermost perverted weirdo is on display through my sketches, sharing my sketchbook is one of the most intimate things I can do.”