Fringe Festival: Performance Art Makes a Comeback on Capitol Hill

Back in 2003, Seattle Fringe Festival came to an abrupt end after some controversy surrounding its funds and the artists not being paid what they were supposed to.  The festival’s return this year brought with it a handful of great performance artists, all of whom had a chance to perform at one of several Capitol Hill venues.  I managed to catch two of these shows last Friday, on opening night of the Festival.  Here’s hoping for a 2013 return.  

Bremner Duthie (below), performing as the Master of Ceremonies in ’33, A Kabarett at the Annex Theatre. His character must improvise one final show at the Cabaret and takes the audience on an emotional rollercoaster ride in the process.

Speaking of emotional Rollercoasters, Becky Poole (below, passing out false mustaches to audience members) performed as 6 year-old Kitty in Kitty Poole’s [Make Haste/Eat Paste].

Kitty Poole shows the audience her view of the world via her wild and articulate imagination.

Monsters and robots are almost to be expected, but a spot on Oliver Sacks impersonation (below) and Batman playing “The Rainbow Connecton” on the saw were fantastic additions to the mind of Kitty Poole.