Tacoma: City in Flux

Lourdes Jackson paints “Flower Power,” a mural presented by Spaceworks, at 11th Street and Market Street last month. The piece is a birthday gift for Jackson’s six-year-old daughter, Adriauna, who also served as the model and muse for the work. “At the bottom [of the mural] the two of us free-styled on the wall in an attempt to open her creative freedom on a larger canvas than usual,” says Jackson, who typically works as a graphic designer and fine artist. Photo by Silong Chhun

For more than two decades, Tacoma has used arts as a tool. What if it has become a weapon?

SIFF 2018: Vlada Knowlton on ‘The Most Dangerous Year’

“It’s not that easy to find parents of trans kids who are willing to talk in public about it. We’re all taking a risk by doing it, but we’re all doing it because we feel like you have to when you’re fighting for civil rights. You can’t be silent.”

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SIFF 2018: ‘Afghan Cycles’

Sarah Menzies’ terrific nonfiction film is every bit as keenly observed, and its visual storytelling every bit as rich, as the most absorbing narrative fiction feature.

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