Fall Art Walk Award Finalists

On Thursday, Oct. 9, our Art Walk Awards are returning once again to Capitol Hill’s Sole Repair. Come drink, dance and vote! (And RSVP here.) The three artworks that bring in the most votes will receive cash prizes ($1,000 first place, $500 second place, $250 third place) and the first-place artwork will be featured in the November issue of City Arts magazine. This round of guest judges were invited to nominate artists exhibiting work in the past three months. These are their picks.

Max Cleary, Soon enough I will still love you. Sandpaper on woodblock, 12 x 14 x 3 inches, 2014. At CAIRO (nominated by Serrah Russell).

Casey Curran
, Pale Shadow, Brass, wood, canvas, acrylic, 2014. At Roq la Rue Gallery (nominated by Shaun Kardinal).

Grant Rehnberg, The Family Connection, Multimedia installation, 2014. At FRED Wildlife Refuge (nominated by T.s. Flock).

Tia Kramer, a study of interiors, Found objects and handmade paper, 2014. At SOIL Gallery (nominated by Serrah Russell).

Margot Quan Knight, Untitled, Aluminum foil, 25 x 25 inches, 2014. At SOIL Gallery (nominated by Shaun Kardinal).

James Lee Hansen, Clan Dancer No. 8, Cast bronze, 22 x 8 x 8 inches, 1962. At Bryan Ohno Gallery (nominated by T.s. Flock).

Max Kraushaar, Ladder Takedowns, Collection IV, Animated gif, 2014. At LxWxH Gallery (nominated by Shaun Kardinal).

Steven Miller, Oubliette, Single channel video, 2014. At Gallery 4Culture (nominated by Serrah Russell).

Reilly Jensen, Salvage #6, Charcoal and acrylic on davey board on panel, 40 x 60 inches. At Abmeyer Wood Gallery (nominated by T.s. Flock).