Band Crush: Cataldo & Ruler

Band Crush: Cataldo & Ruler

On December 9, 2017, City Arts brought together friends and bandmates Eric Anderson (Cataldo) and Matt Batey (Ruler) for our third edition of Band Crush. Cataldo and Ruler are distinct projects with distinct sounds, but they very intentionally overlap: Anderson plays guitar and keys in Ruler and Batey plays lead guitar in Cataldo. Both full bands joined each other in collaboration—accompanied by a horn section—for a live musical mashup we captured in photos and video.

More About the Artists

On the eve of their Band Crush performance the two logged onto Slack and interrogated each other.

We couldn’t have hosted such an awesome event without our friends at American Music, Artist Home and the Piranha Shop. Thanks for making history with us! And be on the lookout for our next installment of Band Crush February 2018.




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