In Search of Classical Seattle

In January 2008, Lorenzo Ghiberti’s Gates of Paradise arrived in Seattle with much fanfare, like an extravagant gift of the month of doors. Three of the exquisitely chased basso-rilièvo panels from this famous Florentine portal were touring the…

A Good Story

Hemingway’s Curse
At a recent symposium I attended, the talk backstage among my fellow authors included the usual chatter about movie options, overly aggressive agents and the continued struggles of the independent bookstores we love. Yet when we…

Freelance Living

Illustration by Demian Johnston for City Arts
Coming up with good ideas for magazine columns isn’t easy. Still, I’d rather do it myself.
When I tell people that I’m a freelance writer, the usual response is one of dumb amazement. “That’s it? You…

See Saw

Marcel Duchamp and Me vs. 50 Years of Art History and 17 College Students
Marcel Duchamp, artist, New York, January 31, 1958
The first image I showed them was Richard Avedon’s photograph of Marcel Duchamp rubbing his eyes. Duchamp, I told…

Freelance Living: A Self-Serving Proposal

Funding for the arts has never been simpler: give me all your money.
Always the same three questions from Uncle Leonard, all oddly the same: Do I have a job? No. Do I receive a regular paycheck? No. Am I making a decent living? No again.