Photo by Lauren Max

Stefano Catalani 
has a penchant for things that last.

WHO Stefano Catalani, the 48-year-old curator who served as director of art, craft and design at Bellevue Arts Museum for the past 11 years and this month begins a new chapter as executive director at Gage Academy of Art. Catalani was born in Rome and grew up in the medieval castled town of Genazzano. He moved to Seattle in 2001.

THE LOOK “Cultivated, urbane, eclectic, Italian. I like well-crafted garments and accessories as well as outmoded objects, things affected by the stigma of time passed: old cars with colors of yesteryear that make you cringe, old shoes that despite having been resoled twice still hold to the test of taste. At work, I enjoy slim-fit and glove-tight suits; the sensation of perfect fit reminds me that the suit is my second skin. Outside work, I enjoy Levi’s 501, polos and my low-top, ’50s-inspired sneakers. I tend to go back to three colors: black, white and red.”

ICONS “I do not follow style icons, but a list of real people and fictional characters whose style has attracted my attention—often for reasons rather eclectic in nature: Kevin Spacey, Idris Elba, Dave Gahan, Jim and William Reid, Harvey Keitel, Mariano Fortuny, Missoni, Walter Van Beirendonck, Jan Fabre, Morrissey, Pris, Ermenegildo Zegna, the Burger Girl (Benjamin Dukhan), Armani, Eric Cantona, Robert Smith, Stellan Skarsgård, Leonard Cohen, Willie Ninja, Tom Hardy, Colin Firth, Rex Harrison, swinging London, Uriel Yekutiel.”

UP NEXT Catalani’s forthcoming work at Gage includes a special presentation at Town Hall on the sculptures of Deborah Butterfield on Sept. 2, as well as the launch of Gage’s new satellite location, Gage South, at Equinox Studios in Georgetown, opening this month.