Only Stop Dancing If Jury Duty Calls

Marie Chong’s scrappy, inspired ARC Dance celebrates its 10th anniversary season
Marie Chong with ARC Dance company members | photo by Paul Sanders
Tucked around the back of the old Crown Hill Elementary School, where the Gothic 1919 schoolhouse…

Enemies, A Love Story

Choreographer Donald Byrd is dead serious about addressing the biggest themes of the day, including war and peace in the Middle East.
Choreographer Donald Byrd | photo by Charles Peterson
The homework was to come up with common preconceived notions…

Let’s Put On a Musical!

It takes the Village Theatre to raise award-winning shows bound for New York’s bright lights.
What’s hot right now in American theatre? Musicals. In fact, this might be the best time for musicals since the glory years of the ’40s (Oklahoma!)…

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You Should Be Dancing

To help kick off his year’s Art at Work Month, MLKBallet ( will perform the second installment in its series of dance programs entitled “Move!” If you missed the first one, here’s that second chance life doesn’t often provide….

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