Dance Dance Evolution

Photo by Bruce Clayton Tom

“The work is a collaborative journey using music, song and dance to represent different parts of the Self. Inspired by landscape design and natural wonders, choreographed partnering and architectural lifts bring the dancers in and out of relationships with one another as they respond to live song by Alicia Pugh and a sound score by Devin Bews.

“Dance is an ephemeral art form. One night and poof, you no longer get to see the same work again. 12 Minutes Max is so valuable because it allows the dance maker to do what they do best, without having the worry about all the other nuances of the performance.”

—Choreographer Daniel Costa, who brought work-in-progress Interposition: Movement II to the newly revived 12 Minutes Max series at Base last month, performed by Daniel Costa Dance company members Molly Levy, Olivia Fauver and Paul Giarratano, pictured here.