The Creepy Cuteness of Vox Fabuli Puppets

Manos the Hands of Felt

Hitler and Nosferatu aren’t subjects you’d expect to find in puppet form, but Rachel Jackson’s Vox Fabuli Puppets are anything but expected. She works by contrasting dark subjects with the inherent adorable-ness of her medium. “Creepy-cute” is how Jackson describes her aesthetic, and while her work generally ends up being more on the cute side, the puppets are way more comfortable in late-night fringe theatre than a children’s party.

This short video dives into Jackson’s start as a puppeteer and puppet-maker, with a special focus on her biggest project to date: adapting the (arguably) worst movie of all time Manos: the Hands of Fate into the puppet-filled remake Manos: the Hands of Felt. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign this summer, this puppet pulp has just been released digitally, and will be available on DVD in early 2014. Check out the video below, and head to Vox Fabuli’s Facebook page for more info on Jackson’s current projects.

This film was produced as part of UW’s graduate Communication Leadership program.