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Photo by Natalie Shields

“My sister is a nuclear engineer and a lawyer. Right now, she looks like an animated fairy, which is her intention,” writes Kristen Millares Young.

Angry Persons

“In Chinese literature, the ability to swallow bitterness with stoicism is the hallmark of heroism, but this only leaves bitterness in the body.”

Strawberry Fields Forever

Karen Finneyfrock. Photo by Inti St. Clair

“Each morning, I pull back the leafy canopy to look for some order and sense in being alive and usually find half-formed ideas, unripe and white as a frog’s belly.”

Father Figure

Craft and his daughter in Scotland last year.

“Somehow I must help my daughter live well and safely in a world I scarcely recognize.”

Hello, Goodbye

“Sometimes the problem with saying goodbye is you are fluent in a language only understood by one other person. And when that person is gone for good, all you can do is grunt in the direction of what’s missing.”

Altering the Inevitable

Shaun Scott

On the face of it, it may seem as if Seattle is rushing robustly into a new age. But underneath the bustle, the development, the cranes in the sky, there’s a sense of inevitability that corrodes our civic agency.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Class Ascension

Hanna Brooks Olsen. Photo by Alex Garland.

The last time I visited my sister in our hometown in Oregon, we took her baby to Costco to spend some government money on diapers and yogurt. It was October but the store had already put out the first Christmas displays. Pointing at a $280 price tag on a particularly garish inflatable teddy bear in… Continue reading It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Class Ascension