Willie Fitzgerald is the co-founder and creative director of APRIL, a literary nonprofit dedicated to small press and independent publishing. His writing has appeared in Hobart, Poor Claudia, City Arts, Keep This Bag Away From Children and elsewhere. He grew up in Cabin John, Maryland, and lives in Seattle.

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"I moved into a squat shotgun house on Union Street that had once been a venue for punk shows."

Donald Trump Is My Bogeyman

"I suspect most artists loathe some part—or maybe even all—of their artistic practice."
Creative Writing

Good Habits

Develop good habits by pursuing small, insignificant goals.

The Impossibility of Flight

Bach’s Crash Considered Readers around the world were shocked to learn that 76-year-old author Richard Bach crashed his seaplane on Orcas Island on Aug. 31, sustaining serious injuries from which he’s still recovering. But few were surprised by...