Tony Kay has been writing about film for two decades now. He won the Northwest division of the Independent Film Channel’s Ultimate Film Fanatic game show a few years ago, during which Henry Rollins proclaimed Tony’s movie nerd kung-fu to be “devastating, gnarly and crushing” on national TV. Kay also writes about music for the and

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At SIFF: ‘A New High’ is Absorbing and Exhilarating

A documentary from directors Samuel Miron and Stephen Scott Scarpulla follows a group of homeless, recovering addicts up Mt. Rainier.

Megan Griffiths Premieres ‘The Night Stalker’ at SIFF

The Seattle writer/director's fifth feature explores the mind of serial killer Richard Ramirez.

Nick Terry’s ‘Finding October’ at SIFF

The local filmmaker’s third feature is an indie romance about a marriage proposal.

‘The Ruxpins’ at SIFF

A local filmmaker’s debut short puts toys at the center of an affecting romantic comedy.

Portrait of a Survivor

Leah Warshawski’s latest documentary tells a moving family story.

Cinema Samurai

Two local theaters join forces to bring overlooked masterworks to Seattle screens.


The Seattle Jewish Film Festival celebrates its 21st birthday.

Sundance Success

A Short Filmed in Tukwila Wins Juried Award

Listen Up

A Seattle-based fllmmaker champions new voices in world cinema. See his hand-picked shorts at Northwest Film Forum this Friday.

Travel the World at Northwest Film Forum

The upcoming 2016 Children’s Film Festival Seattle highlights the magic of international film.

Spreading the Word

Seattle PR firm takes on movie distribution.

Big in Japan

Singer/pianist Emi Meyer found her musical voice overseas. Now she's releasing music here at home.