Tony Kay has been writing about film for two decades now. He won the Northwest division of the Independent Film Channel’s Ultimate Film Fanatic game show a few years ago, during which Henry Rollins proclaimed Tony’s movie nerd kung-fu to be “devastating, gnarly and crushing” on national TV. Kay also writes about music for the and

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Molly Sides leads Robert McGinley's long-in-coming follow-up to 'Shredder Orpheus.'

Get Spooky

Here are some of the best ways to conjure Halloween spirits this year.

‘Scorchy’ is Robust ’70s-era Schlock

The fun B-movie offers a fascinating glimpse into the Seattle of yesteryear.

‘Second Nature’: the Northwest’s Very Own Comedy Crowd-Pleaser

Michael Cross’s feature debut, rife with local talent, opens tonight at Ark Lodge Cinemas.

Local Sightings 2017: What to Watch

Some gems to catch at Northwest Film Forum's regional film festival.

Origin Story

Filmmaker Dave Hanagan reflects on the 20-year evolution of the Local Sightings film festival.

The Man who Shot the Man who Sold the World

An interview with David Bowie photographer Mick Rock, whose work is showing now at MoPop.

Tess Martin’s ‘Ginevra’

The animator brings her vision of death and resurrection to Bellevue Arts Museum.

‘Dirtbag’ Is Peak Documentary Filmmaking

Mountaineer Fred Beckey makes an exceptional subject in a film that explores the thin line between following your dreams and being consumed by them.

Prom Queen Scores Something Weird

The doom-wop band joins forces with the bizarro film archivists for Puget Soundtracks at SIFF.

‘Lane 1974’ at SIFF: Through the Past, Darkly

Writer/filmmaker SJ Chiro's deceptively loose-limbed approach serves a higher purpose

Ask a Rocketman

Ian Fraser on film vs stage acting, and the 'Rocketmen' series premiering at SIFF