Tony Kay has been writing about film for two decades now. He won the Northwest division of the Independent Film Channel’s Ultimate Film Fanatic game show a few years ago, during which Henry Rollins proclaimed Tony’s movie nerd kung-fu to be “devastating, gnarly and crushing” on national TV. Kay also writes about music for the and

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Meet the 2018 Mayor’s Arts Award winners: Jorge Enrique González Pacheco

González Pacheco has amassed a sizable list of titles: poet, lecturer, teacher, filmmaker, co-founder of the Seattle Latino Film Festival, and now Mayor’s Arts Award recipient.

Immersive Detail in Detective Noir ‘Automata’

The entertaining and beautiful web series by local writer/director Van Alan, featuring Seattle actor Basil Harris, screens at SIFF June 3 and June 5.

SIFF 2018: Writer/director Megan Griffiths on ‘Sadie’

It took Griffiths nearly a decade to make this movie about an adolescent girl who goes to great lengths to keep her dad in the picture while he's serving in the military overseas.

SIFF 2018: Vlada Knowlton on ‘The Most Dangerous Year’

"It’s not that easy to find parents of trans kids who are willing to talk in public about it. We’re all taking a risk by doing it, but we’re all doing it because we feel like you have to when you’re fighting for civil rights. You can’t be silent."

SIFF 2018: ‘Prospect’ Is a Welcome Sci-Fi Anomaly

The debut feature by Seattle-based writer/director duo Zeek Earl and Chris Caldwell is a lean, suspenseful and absorbing indie film that feels fresh even as it explores ostensibly familiar territory.

SIFF 2018: ‘Afghan Cycles’

Sarah Menzies’ terrific nonfiction film is every bit as keenly observed, and its visual storytelling every bit as rich, as the most absorbing narrative fiction feature.

‘The Faces of Zandra Rhodes’ Is a Visual Smorgasbord

The debut feature documentary from Puget Sound filmmaker David Wiesehan plays this month at SIFF.

Big Ideas in Small Packages at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Film Festival

Film writer Tony Kay has recommendations to help you navigate the 13th annual fest, co-presented by MoPOP and SIFF.

‘Float’ is Rooted in Cambodian American Seattle

The narrative debut from Tristan Seniuk and Voleak Sip screens at the Seattle Asian American Film Festival.

Jeff Ferrell: Filmmaker and Horror Enthusiast

A fondness for scary things has served Jeff Ferrell well, leading him to a career.

Vintage Italian Horror Remains Captivating, Deeply Disturbing

For one longtime fan, the films in Northwest Film Forum's 'Terrore Giallo!' series have taken on new cultural relevance.