Shaun Scott is a Seattle-based writer and historian. He is the author of the book Millennials and the Moments That Made Us: A Cultural History of the U.S. from 1982-Present (Zero Books, 2018). His work has appeared in Sports Illustrated and Jacobin Magazine.

Recent Articles

Faded Signs

The Feel-Good Hit of 2016

Resilience narratives like 'Creed' show us our strength in stylized form.
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The Gift that Keeps Taking

In a stratified society, Millennial philanthropy is both necessary and self-serving.
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A Guide to Rocking the Boat

Shaun Scott explores cultural representations from 'The Cosby Show' to 'Fresh Off The Boat.'

What Love Looks 
Like in Public

"Where there’s mutual respect, there’s no competition between one person’s peace and another person’s self-expression." An essay by Shaun Scott
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Terrorism Is a Cultural Event

Our final frame of reference for world events is not economic or political.
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We Are All Steve Jobs

Danny Boyle's film puts our incessant motion in a state of suspense.
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An Entertaining, Over-Blown ‘Empire’

How the FOX drama succeeds culturally and fails politically, and why that matters.
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What a Time to Be Alive?

Shaun Scott listens to the new mixtape from Drake and Future, and hears a kind of 21st-century blues.
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No Time For Losers

Sports can reveal the deep contradiction between what our politics need us to be and what our culture reveals us to be.
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All Things Share the Same Breath

People are not aesthetics; an ethnicity is not an art.
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The Woes That Grew from Concrete

Shaun Scott on Dr. Dre's new record and the American obsession with survival.
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Memories Instead of Answers

In 'Between The World and Me,' Ta-Nehisi Coates recoils from offering solutions for collapsing America’s color divide.