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Field Notes

The Alt Art Scene: An Insider’s Guide, Part 1

Your primer on an art ecosystem evolving far beyond white-cube galleries.
Field Notes

The Alt Art Scene: An Insider’s Guide, Part 2

Everything you need to know to navigate the world of alt-art galleries.
Field Notes

The Art of Crafting Perception

Why I stopped making art and never looked back.
Field Notes

Immersed in Magical Realism

On concocting an emotional experience in a post-Internet world.
Field Notes

Space Is Where We Gather

Arts spaces are essential for bringing people together to organize and connect.
Field Notes

Time for a Slow Art Movement?

Trends around the world emphasize slowing down, consuming less and investing locally. Visual arts could follow suit.
Field Notes

The Tenderness Movement

A multimedia cohort of Seattle artists is forging emotional connection.
Field Notes

What’s In It For You?

Can your life be improved by the company of art and artists? How?
Field Notes

How Do We Turn Love Into Money?

Because community and enthusiasm alone do not pay the bills.

Evolve or Die

For galleries, survival depends on flexibility and a willingness to embrace dramatic cultural shifts.

Compatible Formatting

Sharon Arnold on why tech and art are not opposing forces, but supporting ones.

Just This, For Now

Being in the moment: Sharon Arnold on the rise of durational performance art and what it can teach us.