Richard Chiem’s Quiet, Violent Magical Realism

Richard Chiem

Two years ago my friend saw Bjork driving down Madison in a silent Pontiac, shielding her face with a bible pamphlet. “How did you know it was Bjork?” I asked. “Who else could it possibly have been?” he said. I agreed. Nothing has reminded me so much of this experience than Richard Chiem’s You Private… Continue reading Richard Chiem’s Quiet, Violent Magical Realism

Easy Rider

Limebike—one of Seattle’s two new bike-sharing services—in action.

Electric bikes and bike-share programs make cycling in Seattle simpler than ever. Sarah Galvin, veteran urban cyclist, breaks down the benefits.

APRIL’s Swan Song

Inflatable swans littered the grounds of the final APRIL fest. Photo by Ben Mouch

Sarah Galvin reflects on the literary festival’s remarkable seven-year run and last hurrah.