Sam Machkovech began writing his first syndicated gaming column at the age of 15, mostly to prove his parents wrong about that whole “rotting your brain” thing. He has since served as a columnist for The Atlantic, The Stranger and The Daily, along with arts- and tech-writing credits at Ars Technica, Polygon, American Way, Publicola, the Dallas Observer and Unwinnable.

Recent Articles


Unlocking an Alternate World

Local tech innovators raise the stakes of virtual reality.

Seattle Review 
of Books

A new website focuses on literary criticism.

Paul Constant Launches Seattle Review of Books

Paul Constant on his new online book venture, Seattle's literary lethargy, UNESCO bid and more.

E-mail a Sculpture

Does 3-D printing have a place in 
the art world?

“Greenville, WA” by Brite Lines

A gorgeous slice of modern folk from an up-and-coming Seattle band

Start Together Again

The Return of Sleater-Kinney

So Long, 826 Seattle

Mayor's Arts Award-winning 826 Seattle drops the "826"—and the related Dave Eggers connection—while announcing plans for a White Center expansion.

Break on Through

Seattle’s first “puzzle room” celebrates one year—and lots of broken equipment.

Mayor’s Arts Award: Path with Art

This non-profit, dedicated to helping people in recovery work to rebuild their lives through art, has won the 2014 Mayor's Arts Award for Social Justice.

Capitol Hill Becomes an Arts District

In late May, Capitol Hill Housing dedicated its annual community forum to establishing an arts district in Capitol Hill, where cultural space is an urgent issue.

Winning Big at the Rock Lottery

25 musicians enter, 5 new bands leave at the city's wildest one-day concert event.