A professional artist living in Seattle, Ryan Molenkamp is known for his work in a variety of projects. From his blog, Molo’s Sketchbook, which evaluates movies, bands and books on a personalized rating system (Molos), to his studio artist group The Baby Seal Club, which frequently hosts the famous Portrait Challenge. A frequent contributor to City Arts, Molenkamp has developed his writing portfolio with us in various creative ways, writing about music, visual art and penning the former bimonthly column “Homeland Security,” about his observations and obstacles working as head of security at the Frye Art Museum.

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On view at Linda Hodges Gallery Oct. 5 – 28

Fear of Volcanoes

On view at Linda Hodges Gallery through Aug. 2 as part of an exhibition featuring work by Molenkamp and sculptor Piper Snow

Molo at City Arts Fest

Reflections from the Inaugural Heineken City Arts Fest I’m still reeling from all the great music and art I saw this weekend (Dum Dum Girls! (shown above) Vaselines! Brother Ali! Poet Jason Whitmarsh!). Here are a few favorite moments in...

Three Things Molo Demands from the Crowd at City Arts Fest

THINGS MOLO DEMANDS FROM THE CROWDRyan MolenkampPainter, Security Chief, Not a Dude You Should Mess With I want to see everyone at Gogol Bordello wearing black and white horizontal-striped shirts. And I don't mean just the super fans, I mean...

Hangout with Greg Lundgren at Vito’s

GREG LUNDGREN AT VITO'S Photograph by Ryan Molenkamp. On a June afternoon, in the former home of the legendary First Hill club Vito’s, Greg Lundgren demurs when asked to repeat some of the rumors he has heard about the space. Since he and Jeff...

Shine On

The greatest emo band ever returns. A long-time Seattle fan looks back at a life with (and without) SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE. Photography by Jennifer Richard This is really weird to say, but we are called Sunny Day Real Estate and I guess we are...

Homeland Insecurity

How does an abstract landscape painter enter an erotic art festival? Better yet — should he? Illustration by Demian Johnston for City Arts Look in the corner of this page and you’ll see the name of my column, “Homeland Insecurity.” It...

Basic Training for the Avant Guard

The lessons museum guards learn to keep from going insane at work are more creative than you might think. Illustration by Demian Johnston for City Arts Those of you who have been following my column (Hi, Mom!) may have noticed that I write a great...

Wine Works Wonders

While serving as a guard at a local museum, I’ve dealt with patrons of all shapes, sizes, smells and behaviors. Everyone should go see art . . . however, there are some visitors at the museum that truly mystify me. Let’s start with style. Now, I...