Rich Smith is the author of a chapbook entitled The Great Poem of Desire from Poor Claudia. He teaches writing and earned his M.F.A. at the University of Washington. His poems have been published or will soon appear in Tin HouseBarrow StreetGuernicaThe Southeast Review and elsewhere.

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The Funniest Book of Poetry in the World

Sarah Galvin is the city's bright and ambling consciousness corporeal. Her book of poems, 'The Three Einsteins,' is a light-hearted romp of wit and charm. Photo by Lauren Max.

Mayor’s Arts Award: Alan Chong Lau

The artist, poet and journalist is named Cultural Ambassador.
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Seattle Authors You Should Know: Jane Wong

This Jersey girl is a one-time hippie turned Fulbright Scholar turned poet on the rise. Here's why you should get to know Jane Wong.

Blood Quantum Leap

Elissa Washuta’s debut memoir, My Body Is a Book of Rules, experiments with form, lending insight to challenging subjects.

Lit, Art and Garage Rock

Schmutz Reading Series takes a page from the book of garage rock: house shows.
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Stop Using ‘Poet Voice’

This all-too-common reading style hurts poems and hurts poetry.

Seattle Authors You Should Know: Stephen Danos

Omnivorous, Wu-worshipping poet and 'Pinwheel' editor-in-chief
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Michelle Peñaloza’s Landscape / Heartbreak

A poet is creating a literary map of Seattle through the lens of trauma.
Around Town

Cephalopod Appreciation Society: The Gathering

An octopus-obsessed literary world that repays attention with beauty and wonder.

Seattle Authors You Should Know: Lauren Ireland

Keep your eye on the author of 'Dear Lil Wayne' and 'The Arrow.'

The Most Pure Thing

Zubair Ahmed is a Boeing engineer and poet whose verse tackles deracination and loneliness with the buoyancy of a quieter, tinier Whitman.

The Margin Shift Reading Series

Seattle poetry's Reverends of the irreverent.