City Arts copy editor Rachel Shimp’s first byline was in an issue of Betty & Veronica when she was 9. As an adult, she’s been writing about music and culture for 12 years. Shimp looks forward to these summer activities: SIFF, getting her motorcycle license, drinking rose in the park, and starting a nonfiction book project about music and love. 

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Vigil: Inspired by Memory

Last week, more than 100 Seattle artists commemorated the Bauhaus Block, which is set for demolition Oct. 4.

Mayor’s Arts Award: Pongo Teen Writing Project

For 18 years, the Pongo Teen Writing Project has been providing pen and paper to teens inside jails, homeless shelters and other venues, with impressive results.

Shin Yu Pai: The Power of Place and Name

Aux Arcs is a historical French reference to the Ozarks mountain region. Shin Yu Pai’s eighth poetry collection takes its name from this area, where she spent time while working in the Arkansas Bible belt and Texas Hill Country.
Around Town

Kate Lebo’s “The Pie Lady’s Manifesto” And More

On a bright Father’s Day at the Hedreen Gallery, poet and baker Kate Lebo read to a small crowd from her new zine, “The Pie Lady’s Manifesto.” But there was no pie served. Instead, photographers Natalie Shields and Timothy Rysdyke manned a...

SIFF Condensed: It’s a (Neurotic) Man’s World

Crisis situations make for good drama, which, in the right hands, makes for good filmmaking. SIFF selections for 2013 have largely explored interpersonal and global breakdowns and awakenings in varying degrees of urgency. Docs this year deal with...

Stacey Rozich at Roq La Rue

Who am I? Who am I becoming? Who—are—you? Last Thursday night I thought about Alice in Wonderland as I ambled through a throng of people at the opening of surrealist/pop art gallery Roq La Rue’s new location on 1st Ave. The opening of Roq La...

The Long, Unlikely Road to Austin

Dayna Hanson’s Improvement Club premieres at SXSW. It’s a warm Saturday evening in 
Austin and the first week of SXSW is underway. This is the indie movie portion of the famous indie music festival, and a strong Northwest contingent is at the...

Out of Africa, into SIFF

In late June, after the Seattle International Film Festival ends each year, its organizers might prefer to write off July as one long nap. In 2012, SIFF staffer Dustin Kaspar hardly breathed before embarking on a nine-month trip around the world,...

To Eternity: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds at the Paramount

Yesterday I was a Nick Cave virgin. After last night's show at the Paramount, I'm forever altered: a child who's been winked at by a flasher, a widow visited by a duplicitous preacher, a red-caped girl who somehow made it through the woods. I like to...

International Boylesque Stars in Kings

Wednesday night the Triple Door will host Kings, a boylesque revue produced by filmmaker Deirdre Allen Timmons and impresario Paula Now, formerly known as Paula The Swedish Housewife. So what is boylesque? It’s not drag queens. It’s not Magic...

Stunning Seattle’s Mural Project

I once took a walking tour of Manhattan with street art aficionados the Wooster Collective. The guide pointed out a wheatpasted rat by Banksy, a tile mosaic from French artist Invader’s Space Invaders series (which appear in more than 40 cities),...

Talk with Your Hands

“I’ve always loved hands. I’ve tattooed them all over my body,” says artist, tattooist and musician Shannon Perry. “We use them to make art, music, and to touch the people we love. I enjoy the challenge of drawing/sculpting their complicated...