Rachel Gallaher fell into interiors writing when she applied for an internship at a local shelter magazine three years ago. Now she reports on Pacific Northwest design for recently launched GRAY magazine and covers performing arts for City Arts. Worst design trend in history? Shag carpet in the bathroom—gross!

Recent Articles


‘Kurios—Cabinet of Curiosities’ Bends Minds and Bodies

Cirque du Soleil's latest show is an adrenaline-pumping, Steampunk-flavored affair.

Bravado and Bliss in ‘Don Quixote’

PNB's latest ballet is more than just a performance, it's an all-out adventure.

‘The Three Sisters’ Connects

The Seagull Project hits its stride with its second Chekhov production.

A Moral Möbius Strip in ‘Measure for Measure’

A cautionary moral tale mounted in 'Measure for Measure' at Seattle Shakespeare Company.

Touchy Subjects

Peggy Piacenza's newest work is overly packed with ideas.

Conscious Action

Choreographer Maureen Whiting follows a long road to a difficult subject. This month The Maureen Whiting Company premieres 'The Burden of Joy,' an experimental work-in-progress created through a residency at ACT’s Central Heating Lab.

Your Mother and Mine

Family and memory center this multi-faceted work from The Murphy/Lachow Company.

‘Against the Grain’ Rekindled My Passion for Dance

The second weekend of Men in Dance's 10th anniversary show was riveting, diverse, and bursting with talent.

Mayor’s Arts Award: TeenTix

Growing Seattle's next generation of engaged arts patrons and professionals.

Contemporary Constellation

Velocity Dance Center kicks off the season with an all-star lineup

Few Words, Much Meaning at Beckett Fest

A rare opportunity to see four Samuel Beckett shorts.