Rachel Gallaher fell into interiors writing when she applied for an internship at a local shelter magazine three years ago. Now she reports on Pacific Northwest design for recently launched GRAY magazine and covers performing arts for City Arts. Worst design trend in history? Shag carpet in the bathroom—gross!

Recent Articles


A New Gallery Creates Access in an Airstream

"I wanted to find a way to erase this imaginary boundary between 'art people' and 'non-art people,'" says Lauren DeHerrera.

Emotion and Ennui Clash in ‘SPLIT BILL’

The evening features work by Kate Wallich and The YC and a NY-based, all-male company MADBOOTS DANCE.

‘Pictures at an Exhibition’ Leaves You Wanting More

A Jerome Robbins work is the standout of three PNB premieres.

The Universal Questions of ‘Chitrangada’

The Indian dance drama, running now at ACT, is Pratidhwani’s largest project to date.

Hervé Koubi Celebrates His African Heritage

The French-Algerian choreographer elevates male dancers and urban dance forms.

‘Empire Noir’ Triumphs

PNB’s ‘Director’s Choice’ features three varied works—and one of them is a knockout.

Ballet Goes Modern

Pacific Northwest Ballet brings three pieces of modern dance to the stage with 'Brief Fling.'

Excellent ‘Shindig’ for Whim W’Him

The show’s standout features gorgeously synchronized and precise robotic motions.