Rachel Gallaher fell into interiors writing when she applied for an internship at a local shelter magazine three years ago. Now she reports on Pacific Northwest design for recently launched GRAY magazine and covers performing arts for City Arts. Worst design trend in history? Shag carpet in the bathroom—gross!

Recent Articles


Dancer / choreographer Kyle Davis on his most ambitious work yet

“A Dark and Lonely Space” is part of PNB’s 'All Premiere,' running Nov. 2–11. The piece features 26 dancers, a 60-person chorus and music by Oscar-winning film composer Michael Giacchino.

‘Dorian Gray’ and the Wonderful Drama of Moral Decay

Oscar Wilde's famous Faustian tale gets the Book-It Repertory Theatre treatment.

One Actor, 20 Characters in ‘The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao’

Elvis Nolasco holds audiences rapt with Junot Diaz's words.

Ezra Thomson Moves Through Personal Pain

The choreographer's 'The Perpetual State,' which premieres in PNB's upcoming 'Director's Choice' program, digs into the emotions that come with loss.


Site-specific Shakespeare at Stimson-Green Mansion

Shallow, Funny ‘Mamma Mia!’ Hits the 5th Avenue

This new production of the beloved ABBA musical is surface-level entertainment, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Choreographer Bill T. Jones’ Literary Inspiration and Continuous Innovation

The iconic choreographer's latest works, 'Analogy Trilogy,' will be performed in succession for the first time at Meany Center for the Performing Arts, beginning Feb. 1.

‘Timon of Athens’ and Tragic Misanthropy

Seattle Shakespeare Company presents a rarely-done play that delves into ideas of class division, distribution of wealth, justice and social contracts.

Heart of Glass

Illuminata Glass founder Julie Conway is one of the female pioneers of the form.

Neon Saltwater: Artist, Interior Designer, Dreamscaper

Neon Saltwater’s tropical blue-and-green hotel room was a highly Instagrammed feature of 'Out of Sight' during the Seattle Art Fair last year.

Just Let Me Laugh at ‘The Government Inspector’

Even in 2017, sometimes a play about politics and corruption can just be about fun.

The Future’s So Bright

Dylan Neuwirth joins Western Neon to create an experimental school for artists.