Dancer / choreographer Kyle Davis on his most ambitious work yet

Choreographer Kyle Davis with Pacific Northwest Ballet company dancers Sarah Ricard Orza and Dylan Wald in a rehearsal for his new work, "A Dark and Lonely Space." Photo by Lindsay Thomas

“A Dark and Lonely Space” is part of PNB’s ‘All Premiere,’ running Nov. 2–11. The piece features 26 dancers, a 60-person chorus and music by Oscar-winning film composer Michael Giacchino.

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Ezra Thomson Moves Through Personal Pain

Choreographer Ezra Thomson with Pacific Northwest Ballet company dancers. Photo by Lindsay Thomas

The choreographer’s ‘The Perpetual State,’ which premieres in PNB’s upcoming ‘Director’s Choice’ program, digs into the emotions that come with loss.

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Kevin Lin and Jocelyn Maher perform the dual track of Hamlet. Photo by Bruce Clayton Tom

Site-specific Shakespeare at Stimson-Green Mansion

‘Timon of Athens’ and Tragic Misanthropy

Mary Ewald and Peter Crook. Photo by John Ulman

Seattle Shakespeare Company presents a rarely-done play that delves into ideas of class division, distribution of wealth, justice and social contracts.