Peter Mountford’s debut novel A Young Man’s Guide to Late Capitalism won the 2012 Washington State Book Award in fiction. His second novel The Dismal Science is out this month from Tin House Books. A 2013–14 writer-in-residence at Hugo House, his short fiction and essays have appeared in The Atlantic, Boston Review, Granta, Best New American Voices 2008 and Conjunctions.

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Feeling Less Alone Through Fiction, Not Facebook

"People often celebrate the human imagination as if it’s purely a blessing, but the imagination is also the source of our nightmares."

Men and Their Novels

Where is the widely adored literary mega novel by a contemporary female author?

We Have Faith That This Will Work Out

An excerpt from Peter Mountford's "The Dismal Science," a new novel out this month.
Creative Writing

The Pig

Lenka had to buy a suckling pig. That was her main mission that day. The problem was that everyone else in La Paz also had to buy a suckling pig for their Christmas eve dinners. So the pork butcher had carcasses stacked up to Gabriel’s shoulder. The...