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festival:festival disrupts audience-driven art

A new, free performing and visual arts festival coming to Capitol Hill on Aug. 10 and 11 celebrates intersectionality and elevates accessibility.

Coriolis Dance and Tectonic Marrow Society at SIDF

Colemxn Pester's 'PYLON III' and Natascha Greenwalt’s 'Danses de Cygnes' showed at the intimate Erickson Theater off Broadway.

Grief, Joy, Identity, Community: Britt Karhoff’s ‘Still Wonder Full’

The artist's ambitious, genre-blending solo work premieres this weekend at Georgetown's BASE: Experimental Art & Space.

The Problematic Mixed Bill of PNB’s ‘Emergence’

Two brilliant dance works are marred by the presence of one that is shockingly and offensively behind our cultural times.

A ‘Swan Lake’ of Rare Beauty at PNB

Pacific Northwest Ballet opened its latest 'Swan Lake' with a performance so inspired that it felt like watching a brand-new production.

Coleman Pester: Choreographer, Convention-Breaker

Coleman Pester is the founder and artistic director of Tectonic Marrow Society.

Timely Collaboration and Faustian Disaster in ‘Saci & The Greater Trumps’

Karin Stevens Dance and Universal Language Project present two stories of apocalypse and human redemption.

360 Degrees of Dance

You don’t have to “get” zoe | juniper’s 'Clear and Sweet.' It will get you.

Whim W’Him: A New Season Begins

The strengths and weaknesses of the dance company's latest, 'Choreographic Shindig III.'

Her Story

A PNB bill showcases Twyla Tharp, Crystal Pite and Jessica Lang.

Through the Lens of Dance

Velocity's film program helps dancers look and think outside their own bodies.

SAM + PNB = Sculptured Dance

Dance works at Olympic Sculpture Park highlight classical and contemporary.