Margo Vansynghel has been a writer as long as she can remember. Even before straying from the Belgian seaside (where she was born) to pursue degrees in Art History and Journalism, she worked as a newspaper and magazine journalist and critic, and still does today. When she’s not writing, reading or seeking refuge in museums and galleries, you can find her behind a camera or shouting at heedless car drivers from her bike.

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What to See at First Thursday

New year, new art. Here’s a handy guide to the most exciting openings, shows and events for Pioneer Square’s First Thursday art walk tonight.

It’s a Trap: Francisco Guerrero at 4Culture 

The SU associate professor of painting and drawing is not preparing for doomsday but for 'Loaves and Fishes,' a prepper-inspired exhibit full of traps and vertical garden-influenced sculptures opening this Thursday.

Seattle University Appoints New Curator

Local video installation artist, educator and curator Molly Mac will open her first exhibition at Hedreen Gallery on Jan. 24.

‘Black Imagination’: A Live Experience Exploring Black Joy

Conceptual artist Natasha Marin and poet Imani Sims discuss a new collaborative project created with performance artist Rachael Ferguson and writer/curator Amber Flame, opening Jan. 4 at CORE Gallery.

The Honest Truth: Q&A with Ijeoma Oluo

In a new book out this month, Oluo explains how to talk about race.

Philippe Hyojung Kim: Sculptor, Curator, Connector

Since moving to Seattle a year ago, Kim has sewn himself into the city’s art fabric.

C.M. Ruiz Opens Nii Modo Art Space in Wallingford

The founder of the pop-up art show Brainfreeze creates a new gallery in an empty building.  

A Software Developer Visits an Art Show About Tech

What happens when our art critic and a senior Google engineer take a trip to see SOIL's current show, 'Tech Support.'

Sondra Perry Presents Machines as Bodies at SAM

The Gwendolyn Knight and Jacob Lawrence Prize winner discusses the complex ideas behind her solo show, 'Eclogue for [in]HABITABILITY,' at Seattle Art Museum.

NSFW: Wong Ping’s Airbrushed Tales of Sex and Oppression

In 'Who's the Daddy,' the Hong Kong artist finds catharsis in perversions. On view at Interstitial through Dec. 23.

What to See at 2017’s Final First Thursday

The best events and exhibitions at the Dec. 7 art walk in Pioneer Square.

Sound and Sculpture in Julia Freeman’s ‘The Will to Synchronize’

The artist's first installation since 2009 opens at Method Gallery Dec. 1.