Margo Vansynghel has been a writer as long as she can remember. Even before straying from the Belgian seaside (where she was born) to pursue degrees in Art History and Journalism, she worked as a newspaper and magazine journalist and critic, and still does today. When she’s not writing, reading or seeking refuge in museums and galleries, you can find her behind a camera, shouting at heedless car drivers from her bike or documenting conditions in homeless camps.

Recent Articles


Seattle Design Festival takes on trust

Beginning this weekend, a series of exhibitions, public art, discussions and events will address various civic issues.

Lawrence Pitre honors the Central District’s history

Inspired by Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series, Pitre's We Are One series reflects the diversity of the neighborhood over time. The paintings are on view at Gallery 4Culture starting Thursday, Sept. 6.

Plastic planet: Anthony White elevates trash and trashes luxury

The painter and sculptor is obsessed with American consumerism.

Bob Jones’ paintings trace a lifetime

Robert Jones painted Winter Scene on a wooden toilet seat during one of his first winters on Beacon Hill in 1950. He would paint this scene, looking east from his house, many times until he died early this year at 99 years old.

Maja Petric’s installation at MadArt transports us to the stars

Petric creates immersive experiences that get at the core of shared experience. Her newest installation, 'We Are All Made of Light,' hints at our interconnectedness.

Meet the 2018 Mayor’s Arts Award Winners: Paula Boggs

Paula Boggs is not only an army veteran and corporate lawyer but also a noted philanthropist and fundraiser, not to mention a performing musician and in-demand public speaker.

AURA, a new home gallery, opens Friday

Created and curated by Emily Pothast, the new space hosts 'Thirst,' a multimedia installation by Katie Schroeder, as its first exhibition.

Trevor Paglen is shooting a sculpture into outer space

The artist was in town for Seattle Art Fair, which exhibited his "Orbital Reflector." He explains how outer space itself is political.

Elisheba Johnson Helms a New Pioneer Square Space

The 101, as the space is called, officially opens later this month but its first exhibition opens Friday, Aug. 3. 'CHARCOAL' features 19 Black or African Diaspora artists living in the Pacific Northwest.

‘1 ROOM’: 50+ Artists and a Whole Lot of Community

Studio e's vibrant group exhibition of Northwest artists runs concurrently with Seattle Art Fair. (A golf cart will be running back and forth!)

Gary Hill’s Maddening ‘Linguistic Spill ([un]contained)’ at CoCA

The world-renowned artist and exhibition curator Joseph Roberts discuss technology, capitalism and feeling overwhelmed.

The Spirit and Substance of a Changing Tacoma

A deep look at the current state of Tacoma's creative community.