Leah Baltus is the editor in chief of City Arts magazine. In previous incarnations of her arts existence, she founded and edited RIVET magazine, co-founded Shunpike and consulted with dozens of organizations that make Seattle interesting as brand and editorial director at Pyramid Communications. As a staunch believer that all ships really do rise, Leah is determined to bring together artists and audiences from disciplines of all kinds. 

Recent Articles

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Welcome Our New Crew!

Meet the newest additions to our editorial team.
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The Art of Giving

Throughout history, artists have been allied with political resistance.
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A Wish Come True

Can culture and community stem the forces of gentrification in our growing city?
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Goddess Phase

Toyia Taylor is warrior, 
queen and B-girl 
all in one.
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Goodbye Blues

Being an incubator is great. But how can we retain our talent?
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Out of the Darkness

The curtain can’t rise on this season soon enough.

Man of 
La Mancha

Allison Narver combines epic political theatre and comic opera in a contemporary take on a classic story.

Mayor’s Arts Awards: Finalists Announced

Find out who's on the short list for outstanding contributions to Seattle's creativity and culture.
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"Nothing can help us move through this painful, tumultuous time more than understanding where we come from and what we’ve inherited."
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Prism of Truth

Everything is political.

Cherdonna Shinatra Takes a Leap

In ‘Clock That Mug or Dusted,’ Cherdonna creator Jody Kuehner pushes the boundaries of her movement-based performance art to their outer limits.
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Minor Miracles

In the making of magazines, sometimes serendipity steps in.