Leah Baltus is the editor in chief of City Arts magazine. In previous incarnations of her arts existence, she founded and edited RIVET magazine, co-founded Shunpike and consulted with dozens of organizations that make Seattle interesting as brand and editorial director at Pyramid Communications. As a staunch believer that all ships really do rise, Leah is determined to bring together artists and audiences from disciplines of all kinds. 

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Shout Your Abortion’s Amelia Bonow is ready to fight

"When our publisher hit me up, it seemed much more our speed to make a book that was a tool to share: 'This is what we’re doing and how we’re doing it and why and you can do it too.'"
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Fighting words

"By and large, this issue is packed with stories of fighting determination and a boiling need to defend culture and artists from the forces that would seek to quash them."

‘Sadie’ joins vanguard of films forging creative releases

As big changes unfold in the film industry, some enterprising indie filmmakers get inventive to get their movies seen.
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Acts of Rebellion

Cover artist Tracy Rector is just one of several radical creatives inside the pages of this month's City Arts.
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Civic Salve

"Throughout human history, theater, dance and music have convened us to collectively consider our condition and give meaning to our lives—civic functions we need now as much as ever."
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The Road to Tacoma

We knew this month's issue had to take us to Tacoma—but how to do it responsibly? Without oversimplifying the changes unfolding in the city’s arts scene?
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And Now, We Turn the Page

This month marks the last issue of City Arts produced under the umbrella of Encore Media Group before we set sail into our independent future.
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The Big Moment

A view into our annual Best New Music issue with the 10 artist making waves around Seattle and the changing tides of arts media with The NEW City Arts.
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A Big Change is Coming

In the weeks ahead, we’ll unveil our vision and plans for City Arts 2.0 and invite you to be a part of it, along with your neighbors and friends, colleagues and family, bandmates and castmates. So keep your eyes peeled for a big announcement coming April 5.

Black Bois

Choreographer Dani Tirrell searches for healing.
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A Gust of Fresh Air

Abstract or narrative, quiet or loud, comedic or dramatic, the shows going up on local stages between now and Memorial Day are awash in vision and invention.