Agave Americana

Kate Lebo. Photo by Heather Malcolm

“The summer that the scariest thing was the Australia-sized hole in the ozone layer, I caught a sunburn so bad two blisters rose from my back and burst when I leaned into a chair.”

Further Adventures in Foraging Weird Fruits

“Will it turn us into witches?” Jamey jokes as we cross the road toward what we hope is the tree we’re looking for. Three teenage boys in shorts and t-shirts jog by, incongruous because it’s mitten weather. But they’re certainly less out of…

Formidable Fruit

Quince is biblical,mythical and very much in season. But for Pete’s sake, don’t try to eat it raw.
Once a year around Halloween, a friend brings me a bag of quince from her aunt’s farm near Portland. “We have more of these than we know what to do…

Every Beginning Wants a Good Place to Start

According to laws of ownership, you’re homeless. According to virology you’re hunted, sore-throated, snotty. By psychology you’re understood and spun out, an iced tire. In fashion you’re an adopter, a crofter, a little black smock of…